Hisham lost 20kg and withdrawn from pre-diabetic

Jan 18, 2021 | Testimony

Our Mover!
Mr Khairul Hisham had inspiringly lost 20kg and off from diabetic & cholesterol pills in his health journey with Coach Yana! @_ilyanailyas

“I have been with Coach Yana for the past 4 months and she has been passionate in guiding me throughout my fitness journey. 

I have achieved my goals so far and looking forward to the next chapter of my fitness journey.

I feel more confident, energetic and fit since I have joined the MOVE fitness program. Most importantly I have managed to turn around my health conditions,

I am now 20 kgs lighter,
free of diabetic and cholesterol pills!

Coach Yana’s guidance during the training sessions and nutrition advices are very useful and beneficial to me in ensuring that I gain the optimum results.

I would recommend to any of my friends to checkout MOVE Private Fitness for their fitness program.

Thank you Coach Yana and MOVE!”


Mr Hisham,
we’re more than happy to see your result,
and we are proud of you

Ft. Coach Yana @_ilyanailyas
Mr Hisham @hishamhassankix