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Senior and Golden Agers

Experience total control and confidence in your wiser years by supercharging your strength and vitality without having to be fit or prior experience.

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Are you struggling with these setbacks

“If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and as we age, it holds even more significance.

Especially the prospect of losing movement independency which results in burdening the loved ones around.

Besides, health deterioration can take place simultaneously which can shatter one’s outlook in life in the wiser years.

But there’s a way out. Let’s explore how we can regain our vitality and live a vibrant senior life.

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What makes our program different?

“I didn’t know I could do most of the exercises my coach showed me even though I was sedentary my whole life!”

“Such a relief to know that MOVE caters for people old and frail like us!”

The above are just the types of testimonials we receive on a regular basis and they normally have a common theme to it,

Which is the fact that our seniors and golden agers find it “surprising” with their ability to go through our training program even without prior fitness experience and optimal movements (some required walking aids!)

The fear of breaking your back, hurting your knees and falling over during workouts can no longer hold you back when you ditch the one size fits all and Do-It-Alone approach,

And embark on a 1 on 1 personalised coaching in holistic health and fitness at MOVE encompassing Movements, Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Recovery.

And here’s your cheat code to a progressive and sustainable fitness journey in your senior life!


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1. Personalized Health & Fitness Strategy Session

Identify concerns & challenges in sustaining a fit & healthy lifestyle & overcome them with practical & simple strategy that's unique to you.

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2. Mastering The Safe & Effective Strength Training Movements

Eliminate the fear of getting injured due to incorrect strength training techniques & start unlocking the potential of every lift to give you maximum results

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3. Optimizing Key Lifestyle Factors for Longevity & Vitality.

Take control of your well-being with action plans that help to fine tune lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress management, emotional well-being & physical activity.

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4. On Demand Accountability & Support Access

No more struggling in silence. Your coach is a text or a call away to provide the support & professional advice for you to stay on track throughout.

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5. Like Minded & Inclusive MOVE Community

Experience the unwavering motivation & uplifting camaraderie by connecting with individuals within our community who share the similar journey as you.

Why Choose Us?

If an inclusive and a personalized fitness experience is what you’ve been looking for, there’s no coincidence why you are reading this.

Our appointment based personal training studio will give you the privacy you need. No more awkward stares in our judgement free space which fosters confidence and focus.

Additionally, all of our personal trainers have gone through stringent recruitment and qualification process and are required to go through ongoing upskilling efforts to ensure you receive the most valuable experience with us.

Here are the 3 steps to get us as your partner of health and fitness breakthrough.


Step 1: Submit An Enquiry

Tell us a little bit about you by clicking the “Enquire Now” button. The more details the better. This will enable us to match you with the most suitable personal trainer who will reach out to you within 24 hours.


Step 2: Speak To Our Coach

Our personal trainer will contact you to learn more about your struggles and goals. During this conversation, you will discover how we can assist you and the commitments necessary to ensure the success of our partnership.


Step 3: In-Studio Consultation

You’ll meet your potential personal trainer at one of our studios near you. We’ll finalize a health and fitness plan that aligns with your needs and preferences and secure your commitment to the journey ahead by the end of it.


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Let your journey begin here

We will be in touch within 24 hrs



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Who we serve

Career Driven Professionals

Supercharge your career with more energy and confidence even if you're unfit and lack of time

Who we serve

Busy Parents

can now experience an empowered parenting journey with renewed vigor and a sense of confidence, regardless of your fitness levels and the scarcity of time.

Who we serve

Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Fuel your entrepreneurial pursuits with increased energy and unshakeable confidence, even if you're physically unfit and have limited time.

Who we serve

Illness Management Individuals

can now break free from the confines of illness, reclaim your vitality and reignite your zest for life despite limitations in health and bodily function.

Who we serve

Career Driven Professionals

Who we serve

Busy Parents

Who we serve

Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Who we serve

Illness Management Individuals

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