Personal Training
About M:Personal Training
When it comes to achieving any goals, we need the right strategy, mindset, knowledge & accountability to get you to where you want to be.
Which is exactly what our trainers can do for you, accompanying & encouraging you in every step of the way to “climb the mountain” that seems oversized together.

+ Get personalized programming to get serious results
+ Get personalized nutrition plan
+ Get certified trainers to Coach you in the journey
+ Get results 5x faster compare to “doing it yourself”
+ Get FREE M:Cube, M: Training Club & M:Facilities including Open Gym

+ Get result or get your money back!

– Trainer’s Timing available from 7am-10pm.
– Female/Male Trainer’s available
– Junior/Senior Trainers available
– We have a variety of trainers with different specialty for you to choose.
Semi – Private
About M: Semi Private
Find 1-on-1 personal training a bit too daunting? Prefer to have a few others around to work out together with you or want to have a few of your buddies tag along? This is the perfect blend of getting personalised coaching while keep it more interactive with other like-minded individuals all focused on achieving their fitness goals together.

+ Get personalised programming according to your goals and age group
+ Get certified coaches to guide you on this journey
+ Get a personalised nutrition plan to suit your body type
+ Having a few others around may make the sessions extra fun. But we still mean business!

Beauty in Strength (for Mamas)
Amazonians (for female age 18-30)
Move Young (for children age 5-9/10-15)
Zero2Hero (for teens age 15-20)
Project S.A.F.E (for seniors age >55)
Squats (For Muslimah ladies)