What is Mcube Challenge?
3 Rules you need to know:

1. Challenger must complete exercises with proper form to ensure safety (Valid by a Coach/Judge)

2. Challenger completes as many reps in 1 minute of each exercise with 1 minute rest between exercises

3. Challenger achieves a level when he/she beats the total score of all exercises stated in each level”

Level 1

Movement Standards & Description

Level 2

Movement Standards & Description

Level 3

Movement Standards & Description

Other Details:

* Look up video description for more details of movement standards.
* If there are any reasons of doubt for the judge, it may be a no rep base on judge’s discretion
* The purpose of this challenge is to test your fitness level and challenge you to progress in your fitness journey.

Participating Fee:

Non-active member : RM120.
We’ll give you a shirt if you manage to pass any level and put your name on the board

Member with active membership : Free

Time to get your name up on the board!