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Senior and Golden Agers
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Ambitious Entrepreneurs
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Transformative Lifestyle
Senior and Golden Agers
Illness Management Individuals
Ambitious Entrepreneurs
Busy Parents
Career Driven Professionals
Live More Kickstarter
Transformative Lifestyle

About Mont Kiara

Nestled in the prominent feature in Mont Kiara, namely Publika Shopping Gallery, Move Private Fitness Studio is known as the go-to premium personal training studio in Kuala Lumpur amongst urbanites who are striving for work-life-fitness harmony.

Entering the private studio space which spans across a mere 1700 square feet, your privacy is preserved with only the presence of our personal trainers with their appointment-based clients.

This south-facing personal training studio gets the best of both the wakening morning sun in the east and the energizing afternoon sunlight shining from the west, which means that you will always show up to your workout feeling invigorated.

The inviting white-washed interior with unobstructed and minimalistic layout plan are the design masterpiece from both fitness industry veterans and a team of bespoke studio designers.

With your needs and wants of what the most ideal training space should be, Move Private Studio has been the place that offers an unprecedented blend of privacy, premium and exclusivity.

Whether you are looking for self-empowerment through fitness, elevating your life with better movements or supercharging yourself to pursue what brings meaning to life,

Our team of certified personal trainers which demand the best out of themselves day in day out is ready to serve you at the highest level.


Tips to find us:

Plenty of parking space is available in basements. For ease of getting to us, please park in the red zone (you’ll see red painted walls everywhere)

Make your way up to Level A3.

Alternatively, from the side of the road, you can easily spot our private studio above 7-Eleven and Bestari.

We are looking forward to receiving you!

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Your journey with MOVE starts here.

Zhen Wei ChngZhen Wei Chng
04:49 25 Jun 24
I just completed 3 + 10 sessions with Coach Andrew here and it was an amazing experience!I checked in with a weak core problem that was affecting my mobility, especially in the lower body. First 3 sessions with Andrew leaned more to exploratory sessions, and he helped to identify and pinpoint imbalances or variances in my strength and stability, and also to understand more about lifestyle habits that were relevant to structure a suitable training plan.The next 10 sessions, were curated workouts that aimed to improve my core strength, mobility and flexion in targeted areas. Andrew was very patient during the training sessions, and also paid attention to detail to adjust my form/movement during or in between exercises.In between sessions, he also followed up with the Move Lifestyle apps, prescribing more workouts within the app, which was very intuitive and easy to follow.The gym itself was also clean, with a variety of training tools and came with a well-equipped toilet that catered to any working professional that needed to freshen up before/after work. The other coaches were also very friendly, and it definitely made it a conducive training environment.The entire experience, albeit a short one, really achieved my goals that I set out and I felt my body improving within the 2 months. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who's interested in getting personal training!
Ahmad HassanpourAhmad Hassanpour
10:51 19 Jun 24
I have been training with Sufiyan previously for 4-5 years before he joined MOVE. My goal was to reduce my weight especially around the belly as well as to be healthy. By coming over to MOVE, I have been made aware on the areas that I need to focus, which are on the nutrition, non-exercise activities, and having a dedicated time to do these sustainably. Lowering my stress is also something I have been made aware of. Making this as a lifestyle habit is something I will continue moving forward.
Eugine PhungEugine Phung
10:50 15 Jun 24
"I've been training with Coach Ing Hao for 6months and the results have been amazing. Ing Hao is knowledgeable, motivating, and creates personalized workout plans that have really helped me achieve my fitness goals. I've seen significant improvements in my strength and overall health. The training environment is clean and well-equipped. I highly recommend Coach's Ing Hao to anyone looking to improve their fitness."
14:53 03 Jun 24
Personal training at Move Private Fitness with Ing Hao is fantastic! The customized workouts and expert guidance have transformed my fitness journey. With supportive trainers and tailored plans, reaching my goals has never been easier. Highly recommend!
00:04 28 May 24
Started going to MOVE due to my knee injury and it became part of my rehabilitation. Coach Sheng has been an integral part of my progression and the team at MOVE are warm welcoming. Highly recommended if you are looking for a private space to train as they work with you to understand your long term goals and break it down to smaller achievable goals. This is true to someone like me who has been in and out of sport injury rehabilation for many years and as age and weight caught up, having a private session with a personal coach along the way makes a different when motivation can be a challengr some days!!! Thanks for the support and continuous journey together!!!
alakendra naidualakendra naidu
10:55 22 May 24
I used to struggle with sticking to a fitness routine due to the pressuring environment and my highly stressful/ hectic work schedule. At the same time I was also concerned about my posture and the safety of exercises. However, I'm aware I still need to exercise to manage my neck and shoulder pains. I know I needed accountability and guidance on this journey.I reached out to Move for their health-focused and individualised training approach to help me continue exercising. In the beginning of my journey, coach Yan Sheng assessed my physical abilities. Although it was quite limiting, it serves as a starting point for my personalised program without pushing too hard too soon. His understanding of anatomy also makes it easy to integrate updates from my healthcare providers.After a year of training at MOVE, the most noticeable difference is my energy levels. Work is still hectic but I can function better after a long day of work. One particular incident that surprised me was when I had a trip to Genting with my friends, I could walk around without feeling gassed out. I would imagine the old me to be exhausted very easily if I hadn't been exercising regularly.
03:38 18 May 24
Been working with Yan Sheng for a while. I had specific functioning goals geared towards climbing and playing football. So we worked on my mobility, strength and areas where I lacked. I lost 7 KGs and gone from 6 max pull-ups in one set to about 8 consistent pull ups across 4 sets in 3 months.Highly recommend!
Haziq KamardinHaziq Kamardin
22:38 17 May 24
I'm a doctor with very tight schedule which makes it difficult to make time for exercising consistently. My bodyweight hasn't been consistently increasing despite previous attempts of exercising on my own and especially during the fasting month, I wondered if there's a right way of exercising that I'm doing, on top of the lack of consistency. I reach out to Move to seek guidance on exercise and nutrition, with the end goal of training independently eventually.At the end of the Live More Kickstarter program, coach Yan Sheng gave me an idea of what to consider and look out for in exercise execution and nutrition management, to address the issues I've faced previously. Through the 3 sessions I got to experience how is it like to work with a personal trainer and focus on a few simple things in each exercise. I was also surprised that with the right technique, I could lift 10kg in a dumbbell bench press. Besides teaching exercises, Yan Sheng also provided personalisation and a holistic approach to my overarching fitness goal of gaining weight.
Chow Zheng TengChow Zheng Teng
03:30 13 May 24
LIVE MORE KICKSTARTER PROGRAM: Solid Foundation for Fitness Newbies!I recently completed the LIVE MORE KICKSTARTER PROGRAM with Yan Sheng. Overall, it was a decent program that provided a basic framework for building a home gym routine as per my request.Learning the Basics: The program covered a range of topics, including exercise techniques, healthy eating habits, sleep hygiene, and stress management.Benchmarking Fitness: The exercises and training modules were useful for gauging my current fitness level. It allowed me to establish some baseline metrics as to where I currently am and what to focus on while at the gym.Home Workout Options: The program included guidance on customize DIY home workout programs, which is a convenient resource. However, the variety will definitely vary depending on your goals. Be sure to talk to them on your personal goals, they will customize the program accordingly!Trainer's Performance: Yan Sheng was a knowledgeable trainer who answered my questions clearly. Gave me a lot of tips and side variations on workouts that were suitable for me at my current fitness level. Adjusted my form and gave clear instructions throughout the 3 session program. Great job imo!
Sara TohSara Toh
14:38 27 Apr 24
“Does my age make you trust me less?” – Coach Yan ShengI remember vividly that was the first question Yan Sheng asked me right after I signed up and paid for my first 3 months session with him, and I thought to myself, “Well… a bit too late to ask that question, right…”.Now that I’ve been training with Yan Sheng for close to six months, I think I can answer that question quite confidently now.I’ve done some strength training in the past, and as I developed my interest in sports and fitness, I knew I wanted to learn more about proper form to avoid the risk of injuries. I do value coaches who can conduct training in a fun and interactive way, as I see that as a crucial factor for me to sustain and enhance the training experience. I also wish to keep pushing myself to see what else my body is capable of – that’s mainly a big part of why I choose to train with a coach.Yan Sheng is dedicated to helping his clients reach their goals, and I can personally vouch for this based on my training with him. He consistently checks in with me to see if there are any additional goals I’d like to pursue or challenges I’d like to tackle. He not only plans ahead when designing my training program but also closely monitors my progress as I work through it. One of Yan Sheng’s superpowers is his ability to re-enact what I did and show me how to correct/improve my forms (mind blown…). Yan Sheng also helped me to improve and strengthen my lower back very effectively just within 2 months. I've seen significant progress the past 5 months overall physically and learned so much in terms of my fitness knowledge. I am already looking forward to achieving more in the coming months.Training with Yan Sheng has been both enjoyable and rewarding. It feels like working out with a friend who entertains your silly workout ideas and still finds a way to incorporate them into the structured training program, which I really appreciated. Yan Sheng’s age isn’t just a number—it’s his secret weapon for unleashing creative workouts and keeping things fun. Trust? Yeah, I’ve got plenty of that now.Cheers to more challenges and breakthroughs! 🏋🏻‍♂️✨🏆
Jeanne VongJeanne Vong
10:37 25 Apr 24
My husband and I started our strength training journey since the beginning of 2024. We had the pleasure of working with Hao as my personal trainer, and we couldn't be happier with the results. As a 58-year-old woman looking to build strength, I needed a program tailored to my specific needs, and Hao delivered impeccably. His ability to motivate and inspire me is unparalleled, and his patience and understanding make every session enjoyable and productive.Hao took the time to design a personalized program that not only addresses my goals but also considers my age and fitness level. His attention to detail and willingness to adapt the program as needed have been instrumental in my progress. With his guidance, I've seen significant improvements in my strength and overall fitness level.What sets Hao apart is his genuine care for his clients. He listens attentively to our needs and concerns, ensuring that each session is both challenging and safe. His positive attitude and encouragement have kept me motivated throughout my fitness journey.He has truly made a difference in my life, and I'm grateful for his expertise and guidance.
Suet YeeSuet Yee
05:27 24 Apr 24
I'm not very good at writing reviews but I would like to say my experience with MOVE was great! Not only to achieve personal goals, also felt more of healing session for my mental health. Totally no judgement at all from trainers.I've been attending private personal training with Coach Yan Sheng for about 2 months close to 3. Started when I was 18-19 weeks pregnant. I was hesitant at first because when it comes to pregnancy exercise probably yoga/pilates comes to mind first. I wasn't sure if I'll be able to do it but Coach Yan Sheng guided me super well, detailed explanation. I overcome my feeling of shortness of breath, taught me to become more active in daily life to improve my appetite, and definitely feel that I become much stronger. I'm quite of a coward personality but Coach always try to encourage that I can do it and I really can! But....he also gives homework to do at home so.....^^ I'm definitely looking forward always for our next session and further more when I enter my 3rd trimester!I actually started with MOVE in Aug2023 and trained with Coach Kai till Nov2023 to prep for my wedding. He was great as well, quite torturing hahah but the result was amazing!! He also listened to my past to understand more about me as it was my first time to actually start exercising.Overall I'm very glad to join MOVE and definitely looking forward on more sessions with my current coach, Coach Yan Sheng!
Sam FoongSam Foong
07:13 08 Apr 24
Training with MOVE since last year June. Such an eye opener and Training With Trainer Ing Hao since 1st of March was tremendously efficient . He concern on Your request and needs. Precise i would say. He Just makes you want to train more and more. Highly Recommended for all group age. 10/10 i would say. Kudos ING HAO 👍🏻
Dahlia ZailaniDahlia Zailani
08:29 31 Mar 24
My time spent training with Coach Bil from MOVE Mont Kiara was invaluable. I've always struggled to gain weight and to get into exercising; going to a gym with no clue of how to use the equipment is daunting. But with Bil's guidance and support, I was able to gain strength as well as 2kg of muscle. As a coach who made fitness fun and put focus on my specific demands, I gladly recommend coach Bil for those in need.
Nadya LeeNadya Lee
06:23 27 Mar 24
I’m a 47 year young woman with hypermobility looking to build muscle and strength to prepare for the inevitable menopause. I have history of injuries at my hip, elbow, shoulder; just to name a few. I also have pelvic floor issues at 5 years partum (sic). Everytime when I lift a certain weight my injuries would flare up, hindering me from moving forward. I wasn’t even sure if I could find anyone who could help me. Three months ago, I contacted Move and Yan Sheng took me under his wings. I didn’t expect much, just thinking to learn correct exercising form. But he far exceeds my expectations. He has a keen eye on my form and always correcting me which is what I want. He took much consideration of my injuries and constantly asking feedback about my pain and always adjusting exercises to go around it while still being effective. He knows when he should and shouldn’t push and knowledgeable about anatomy. I love how he is willing to consider feedback from my physiotherapist and I feel safe knowing he is actively looking out for me. At the end of my 3 months at Move, I had not only able to train around my injuries with no new ones surfacing, I was even able to breakthrough my personal record at Romanian Deadlift and barbell hip thrust without back pain. My core and pelvic floor is stronger and I also learn how to manage my nutrition and sleep a lot better. All these wins gave me the confident for bigger dreams and I look forward to keep going to see where it will take me. I wholeheartedly can’t recommend Move enough if you are looking for that extra professional care.
Tina DTina D
05:16 15 Mar 24
I joined MOVE last year to kickstart a more regular exercise programme. Andrew has been my coach since day 1 and I couldn’t be happier with his support, guidance, flexibility, and detailed approach to build up my strength and endurance.From very unsure beginnings, as I’m not a regular gym person, he has led me to be able to complete exercises that just seemed out of my reach when I started at MOVE – and all that broken down in gradual increments, so it seemed easy looking back on it. Work-outs are varied and Andrew always takes great care to explain proper movement and position, ensuring that exercises are conducted in a safe and injury-free manner.On top of that, Andrew is not just a great fitness trainer, but also shows genuine care and understanding as he checks in on progress outside the gym and encourages to build healthier habits – from nutrition, to dealing with stress at work, to an overall increase in movement.
Amanda ChooAmanda Choo
22:14 14 Mar 24
I've been training with Andrew at MOVE for the the past 9 months and originally came in with the goal of improving my strength as well as nutritional habits. Prior to starting my training with Andrew, I had always been a pretty active person, however, I had focused a lot of my workouts primarily on group cardio and was never confident in a gym setting alone. Since starting with Andrew, he's really taught me the basics, taken time to ensure my form is correct, gradually pushed me and helped me build my confidence with the various exercises as well as with the free weights. He's been very meticulous and structured with the way he structures his sessions, always ensuring that I am working within a range that is comfortable but also challenging for me. He has also helped me build good and long term nutritional habits which are now part of my daily routine. I'd recommend MOVE as well as Andrew for anyone who is looking for a dedicated coach to help with your long term fitness goals!
Sasha CSasha C
06:40 13 Mar 24
I had a great experience training with Ing Hao.Under his guidance I've been able to increase my strength and improve my coordination/ balance. Ing Hao is meticulous about exercise progression, proper form and priotises injury prevention. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer to jump start your fitness journey, you can't go wrong with Ing Hao and MOVE. Highly recommend!
Adeline KAdeline K
13:20 05 Mar 24
Working out with Andrew was one of the best decisions I made for my health. His dedication, expertise, and support helped me achieve my fitness goals, shedding weight, building muscle, and gaining a deeper understanding of nutrition. His encouragement and empowering environment pushed me beyond my limits, fostering confidence and resilience. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for a transformative fitness experience. You won't regret it! Thanks bro 🙏🏻
Dan DaneDan Dane
13:19 05 Mar 24
I've been attending private personal training with Yan Sheng at MOVE for 3 months and I can recommend them to anyone looking to get in shape. Not only were the assessment sessions really helpful, but they also set out realistic goals for me and I definitely felt like substantial effort was made to understand my needs as a beginner. One of the biggest suprises for me was how detailed Yan Sheng's anatomical/physiological knowledge was and how well he used it to get me to understand what I was doing in terms of flexibility, conditioning and strength training. It's this level of personalised service that you don't get without a really great PT.
Su Lee YeokSu Lee Yeok
16:26 15 Feb 24
Mei Ling ChenMei Ling Chen
13:17 13 Jan 24
Started training with Coach Ing Hao over a year ago in my attempt to get active again after slacking off during the pandemic. Hao designed a programme that was not only personalised to my needs and goals, but also helped me build the habit of exercising once again in a systematic and sustainable way. I appreciate how holistic his approach was - it’s never just about the workout alone, he makes sure that I am also eating right and getting enough rest. With his help, I was able to complete 2 half marathons in 2023. Look forward to continue training with him. Also, love the vibes in MOVE studio; it’s great to be able to exercise comfortably in a private and conducive setting, in ways that work best for you and at your own pace.
Charles SigmonCharles Sigmon
01:15 13 Jan 24
MOVE has been a breath of fresh air for me; a fresh start really… I wanted to improve my health overall but discovered that it was something that I needed to fire up inside myself. Once that happened Andrew was there to show me the form and cheer me on. At MOVE I see different people training in wildly different ways, all catered to the needs of the client but driven by the creativity of the coach. Stepping in to this private gym, the coaches as a whole greet you and welcome you into their family. I am now moving further, faster, and am much stronger than when I started. I think that never would have happened if I were left to my own devices and a typical gym membership. Andrew and the MOVE team are a hot ticket in town! Get one before they sell out!
ros dayanaros dayana
02:03 06 Jan 24
My safe place to train and perhaps to get my mental health in check. Coach Ing Hao is attentive and very considerate when it comes to my busy schedule plus I had a poor stamina level when i started due to a long hiatus from MCO. The location is also strategic with ample parking space since it is in Publika.
Shikhar AggarwalShikhar Aggarwal
05:47 18 Dec 23
MOVE is a fitness centre with top notch instruction quality.I trained with Coach Kai. A few observations:1) When I first came to MOVE. My initial goal was to build muscle and strength.2) Coach Kai is an excellent instructor who has gone above and beyond. Beyond just muscle building and strength - he has helped me build up power, enhanced ease of movement and amplified balance. Training with him has been great fun3) The best part about Coach Kai's training sessions is how he takes feedback and quickly incorporates it into the program and also how he makes the sessions fun & dynamic.
Foo Weng ChanFoo Weng Chan
04:15 16 Dec 23
Coach Andrew has been very helpful and motivating in the whole training journey. He is very knowledgeable and able to answer all my doubts/questions regarding fitness in scientific and practical ways. Besides, the whole training schedule was properly setup according to my own body and requirements. Strongly recommend to friends and families.
Alex LomasAlex Lomas
13:54 13 Dec 23
I have been training with Yan Sheng at MOVE for around 7 months now, and so far I’ve been very happy with the experience. He has already helped me to make great progress in improving my posture, strength, and general fitness, as well as helping me to address problems I didn’t even know I had. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about this place, and I would thoroughly recommend it.
Henri LaiHenri Lai
14:03 12 Dec 23
My experience at MOVE Private Fitness has been life changing. For starter, I am a morbidly obese male and I've lost nearly 10 kg, reversed my hypertension, enjoy better sleep, and snores little to none, all thanks to the personalized guidance of my trainer, Yan Sheng. His expertise and patient approach have been invaluable.Yan Sheng's flexible approach to nutrition has greatly supported my journey. The gym's monthly progress tracking complements my daily checks. His approach is tailored and considerate as well as enjoyable! He excels in explaining the mechanics of each exercise, enlightening me about the muscles involved and the importance of each movement. This holistic understanding has been crucial in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle while helping me tremendously in my daily life dealing with my patients.The gym's clientele is wonderfully diverse, catering to various fitness goals, from office workers to bodybuilders. MOVE's emphasis on privacy and individualised programs has been a breath of fresh air compared to my past experiences with less committed trainers and being a bigger individual, I am not fond of others looking at my doing exercises, and this is something of a remote past in MOVE.
Jason YimJason Yim
08:24 11 Dec 23
Yan Sheng guided me through a process of identifying my goals and working towards it. Within a short span of 2 months I began to see the physical changes in myself as well as achieving the goals I had initially set out to achieve, leading me to set stretch goals. The most important aspect in a coach for me is an accountability partner as well as someone who can shortcut the path towards your goal as you don’t waste time with things that don’t work.
Nabila KNabila K
13:35 09 Dec 23
I have been training with Move for the past two months. I can see noticeable improvement on my fitness level. The training they provide is according to my targeted goal and my pace. The trainer is very professional and motivating during the workout routine. I also have fun with the module that my trainer (Yan Sheng) planned for me. I truly enjoyed every session that I have attended so far. Definately a value for money investment for my well being and health. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Move to my friends.
Leo TeeLeo Tee
10:08 08 Dec 23
6 months ago, I started to kick start my fitness journey at MOVE. At the beginning, I was not active ever since the pandemic hits and during that time I was sedentary most of the times. My coach, Ing Hao has helped me a lot in going back to a healthier and active lifestyle. He is always trying to explain how each exercise or movement work, so I can understand what and why I do. Besides, gaining the awareness about the food so I am not so worry about eating outside now and also doing training has improved my overall strength.Now, I hope I can strive for more in my fitness journey with my coach and lead to a better lifestyle.
09:04 08 Dec 23
I have been training with Coach Ing Hao at Move for over a year. He designs program to exercise according to my physical condition, and I was able to recover from the injuries that I got from playing golf. Now, thanks to my coach, I can enjoy exercising without any injuries and my strength has also improved.
June Thet SoeJune Thet Soe
07:59 07 Dec 23
Training with Matthew had been really good. Matthew listened to fitness goals & came up with a well-drafted program to tackle the goal. Also gave good advice on nutrition, training. Satisfied with the progress I’ve had while training with Matthew at Move.
Anisha SandhuAnisha Sandhu
06:02 29 Oct 23
I started training with Yan Sheng in mid-2023 and the experience was life changing for me. Over the past 15 years, I’ve struggled to form sustainable healthy habits and my weight was difficult to control while stress affected me a lot. But Yan Sheng took great care in learning about me, my lifestyle, checking in with me regularly, and he was focused on incorporating healthy changes to address the struggles I faced. I found myself becoming healthier due to more daily movement even on non-training days; I began sleeping earlier & longer, feeling more rested, more hydrated, started coping with stress in a healthier manner, eating more mindfully and I felt stronger, and lighter. For a decade, I had been plagued with numerous leg injuries, but step-by-step we strengthened and overcame my problems. By the end of our training, I was carrying out unassisted squats, progressed in lifting heavier weights & the changes in my physique were noticeable to those around me. As a PT, he made such a significant impact in helping me, particularly to cultivate the changes I’ve wanted to for years - I am very grateful for this. I’ve no doubt that he will continue to do his best for all his clients.
YAP Wai TheenYAP Wai Theen
12:25 21 Oct 23
I have been with training with Coach Yan Sheng for 5 months and the journey was amazing.Yan Sheng is patient in teaching the proper form for weight training and always kind in sharing exercises knowledge. I truly enjoy every training session and its a great place to relieve stress and escape from reality.With guidance from the Coach and own dedication, I have lost 10kg of fat and lead a healthier lifestyle in my 5 months journey with MOVE.
no waybruhno waybruh
11:59 04 Oct 23
MOVE fitness is an excellent fitness training service. I have struggled with working out regularly and maintaining it over long periods before working with MOVE. Working with MOVE has given me a good introduction to personal fitness, meal planning, and maintenance with my workouts.They do not encourage any unhealthy methods of weightless and are very helpful in finding a balance within your personal life to incorporate fitness!If you're looking to get a good start off with your fitness journey , I suggest using MOVE fitness's many program as a starting point and their trainers are excellent and provide you with all the information you need to continue your journey after completing their programs.
Dmitry KarablinovDmitry Karablinov
01:35 12 Sep 23
The gym approach is truly based on personalized programs, professional coaching and high level of commitment from both trainer and trainee. It’s been one year with my coach Ing Hao and I achieved great progress in strength and fitness. I am in the best shape and stronger I’ve ever been. I can highly recommend Ing Hao, he knows how to design program for you to achieve your objectives (whatever it is, loosing weight, strength speed or power) and he will follow you up and motivate you. Ing Hao is highly focused on guaranteeing injury free training. I started with shoulder pain , with the training I recovered and it’s been one year injury free strength improvement. The atmosphere in the gym is great. The gym also has very nice training App. Good job, guys (and a girl).
13:24 29 Jul 23
Had lots of fun working with Andrew, also learnt a lot, made significant progress.Loved design of the place, very soft and warm in all meanings. Cheers, guys!
Satia NarjadinSatia Narjadin
04:11 27 Jun 23
My fitness journey with coach Leonard has been incredibly satisfying. The goal I set out with him was to improve my upper body strength and to strengthen my core muscles. After barely 6 months, I have gained 2.2 kg of muscle mass and also able to bench press 50% more weight than when I started. Can't recommend Leonard and Move higher.
Jonathan KhawJonathan Khaw
14:23 25 Jun 23
Nothing but praise for Move! Their wholistic approach to training makes the whole process achievable, sustainable, and so enjoyable. I have been working with Leonard for the past 3 months and I cannot thank him or recommend him enough. He is an absolute gem of a person and an even better trainer, keeping me accountable each and every week, and helping me smash goals. If you’re looking for a PT that will get the job done- then look no more!I’m looking forward to the next cycle of training with Leonard and can’t wait to share my results here.
Guido van BeekGuido van Beek
00:34 15 Jun 23
Been working with Leonard at Move for about half a year. Managed to go from +25% body fat to below 19% and still going down. We focus mostly on strength training, but also a great deal on mobility. Managed to even get rid of old injuries that I was hardly aware of. The style is very educational which changed my view towards fitness a lot. He explains how muscles and joints work together and customizes exercises on a very personal level.Very good experience, the best I had with any fitness studio. Can highly recommend.
Kenneshwaran KandiahKenneshwaran Kandiah
09:16 14 Jun 23
Leonard has helped ‘break’ into my already ‘broken’ body. My golf game has improved tremendously and my confidence is peaking. Before meeting Leonard, I have severe knots and scar tissues on both legs and groin area. My core is weak. My pelvic area was absolute rubbish. Leonard has managed to ‘break’ into them and i have regained flexibility at my hips and my core is stronger than before. Thank you Leonard and MOVE for getting my body back into athletic shape. All the best!
Corina G KumarCorina G Kumar
02:11 14 Jun 23
Joined MOVE PT to improve my overall strength and be able to carry out my activities pain free.With help from Leonard, I managed to meet that goal. At the end of the full sessions, I am now able to do lower body strength movements (Squats, lunges etc) without pain and see the difference on body composition percentage.Leonard was very precise with the workout planning, giving alternatives to meet the end goal.Overall, I'm happy with the outcome of my progress in MOVE fitness.
Sha AmanSha Aman
00:51 17 May 23
After experiencing Covid twice, I was always tired and out of breath even by doing something simple as house cleaning. Decided to do something about it. Chose Move as it is a private gym and not crowded with people. Leonard has helped me gain my fitness level and piqued my interest in weight lifting. Never thought that weight lifting can be fun and rewarding. My sleep has improved and am no longer out of breath. The best part of it all lifting my 12 kg cat litter up the stairs is a breeze. 😁
K S LimK S Lim
13:07 16 May 23
My experience with Move Private Fitness was great. Leonard, my PT helped me a great deal on my weight-loss journey. Learning about different exercises, especially in strength training; we focused on getting my form right and I've improved my upper body strength tremendously! He would also push me to my best and I got better week by week. Apart from building strength, Leonard also helped me with my food planning and caloric intake/monitoring outside the gym. He's dedicated, encouraging and always sharing new tips and knowledge from his learning & experience. I love Move Private Fitness as a company too. Seeing the support they provide to each of the coaches and you know you're in good hands when it comes to personal training.
cm Kuangcm Kuang
07:13 17 Apr 23
I experienced my first personal training with coach Leonard in MOVE Private Fitness, I truly enjoy it. The environment is clean, the ambient is very pleasant. Leonard is an experienced, detailed and friendly coach to work with. Highly recommend him if you are looking for someone who is passionate and experienced to work on your fitness goal.
nurul fadzilagnurul fadzilag
15:12 16 Mar 23
My fitness journey started on November 2022. I was skeptical at first because I felt judged every time I went to the gym, and I didn't know if it would relieve my back pain.But it turned out to be a lot of fun and I want to thank my coach, Ing Hao. He was understanding and patient with my "blurriness"😆. Patiently explaining the reason to me, teaching me step by step, while listening to me about my work, etc😁.After a few months, my back pain disappeared and my strength and endurance improved. I feel good about my body and it shows in my confidence. It's also not a crowded place, so I can practice without thinking about anything else. The music is great!!!! 😆
Ern Ying YapErn Ying Yap
02:23 15 Mar 23
I've been training with Rachel for more than a year now and the journey has been nothing short of amazing! I started off wanting to lose weight, and began to realize how enjoyable strength training is. I found myself going to the gym every week (I used to feel so intimidated at gyms) and I was surprised that I just kept going! I've seen so much progress, not just physically but also mentally. I've found new strength I never knew I had, and also new mindsets. Really want to thank Rachel for pushing me and supporting me throughout this journey of breakthrough!
Vivi VeevianVivi Veevian
15:43 13 Mar 23
Rachel is my strength training mentor who makes lifting weights and going to gym less intimidating. She does not only train me physically but also spend time listening to my life struggles and give very insightful advices.She's always there making sure the posture is correct by breaking down each movement and demonstrates the pose so well, it's very easy to pick up the skills & technique when you train under her, all you need to work on is the strength to lift 😂Everyone in Move is so friendly and welcoming, the space is just nice, with awesome playlist, oh and Dyson hairdryer 😜 Highly recommended!
Simon LomasSimon Lomas
12:13 07 Mar 23
This is a great place - I've been impressed by the professionalism, knowledge, and general approach of the trainers at MOVE. I've been doing strength workouts with Leonard at the MOVE gym for five months and I'm extremely happy with the experience. I'm not an easy client, coming with a unique assortment of old injuries, surgeries and weird muscle imbalances. Leonard has shown remarkable patience and initiative to understand my unique personal constraints and aspirations and to develop exercise programmes that are stimulating and effective. Progress has been excellent and I’m particularly pleased with the way Leonard has helped me to understand aspects of muscle behaviour; understanding that I can apply when I’m working out on my own. Overall, thoroughly recommended.
Kelly WongPKKelly WongPK
14:50 04 Feb 23
I'm back in kul for the Chinese New Year holiday. This was my first time doing PT in Malaysia. Move Private Training Studio was recommended to me by a good friend who also lives abroad and has signed up for short-term trainings.While I was back for this short vacation, I spoke with Danish and told him about my PT goal. He was patient, a keen observer, and he took the time to discover my current strength and encourage me to stretch a little further, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Each session left me feeling fantastic. I had a slight pain in my elbow since returning to Kul, and he took the time to show me some stretch movements that I could do at home. I had a great time training with Danish and will definitely contact him again when I return for vacation.
Irene TanIrene Tan
14:23 01 Feb 23
I was back in KL for a 10 day holiday and wanted to maintain my exercise regime.From searching to planning and going for my 5 sessions, the overall experience was very pleasant. I approached several places and MOVE was the only one that entertained my request for 5 sessions. They were responsive and I enjoyed the training with Danish the trainer who was appointed to me. I like the space, it was not crowded and everyone was friendly. Instead of introducing or changing my training program, Danish was patient to explore my strength limit and also connected with my existing PT in HK to understand my training objectives. Strongly recommend Danish and MOVE to anyone who are looking for a short term personal training.
Denise LeeDenise Lee
04:54 10 Oct 22
Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you that I NEVER work out. And even if I do, I will go with them begrudgingly. After many years of failed attempts to find enjoyment in working out, I decided to just take the plunge. Plus, my family has a history of osteoporosis. I started weight training with Rachel in mid-2021. Back then, I could barely lift 2kgs. My arms were like jelly. Every split squat was agony. My whole body was the opposite of a wrecking ball — just wrecked 😂 But as time went on, I got stronger and stronger. I followed Rachel to every gym she trained at and eventually we both ended up at Move. She pushed me to try harder and lift heavier, eventually reaching 49kg on my deadlifts?!!! I’ve never felt stronger or better. The endorphin rush after every session was addictive. Having Rachel as my coach made me change my perspective about what exercising means to me. It trickled into my eating and sleeping habits. I started to see things more holistically. From someone who hated working out, I now wake up at 6am for go to the gym. I know, crazy. While I still hate hiking and running, I definitely found workouts I enjoy. Weightlifting and strength training with Rachel along with boxing with Addrian. Did I mention? I could do co-coaching sessions at Move! Addrian was amazing at testing my endurance and strength with every jab, cross, hook and uppercut. With both coaches, I’m grateful for the friendships that blossomed from our sessions. Definitely life-changing and I would do it all over again.
Darren BeechDarren Beech
11:09 13 Jul 22
Leonard is an excellent and detailed trainer. His technical knowledge is excellent and he can build exercises and programs to achieve your goals but also taking into account areas where your mobility or strength needs more attention. Highly recommended.
Yasinthra DorairajuYasinthra Dorairaju
10:56 21 Feb 22
During the pandemic, l attended 5 weeks of personal training virtually for body weight training conditioning. I was impressed with coach Leonard's workout and diet plan as it was concise and easy to follow. I saw tremendous results within 5 weeks. I enjoyed my experience and Coach Leonard is highly recommended to kickstart your fitness journey.
daniel dannydaniel danny
14:53 13 Feb 22
My wedding was coming up and i needed to get in shape fast. That's when I decided to go for personal training sessions and Leonard Yugandra from Move Private Fitness made me achieve my goals through his customized personal training sessions and well developed meal plans. Through his guidance and coaching i was in perfect shape in 6 months just in time for my wedding. My transformation journey was made easy and to be honest it was fun too.
Goh Kwong YuenGoh Kwong Yuen
14:28 11 Dec 21
Under Coach Ket, learn alots on the dos and don'ts. The work out are well planned. The facility are good and well equipped. Most important the coach are well trained and knowledgeable. Thank you MOVE fitness.
ain razakain razak
06:11 28 Apr 21
I've been going to this gym for about a month now under Coach Yana. The initial goal was to lose weight but after a few sessions I started to look forward on days we have a session together. She was understanding, patience and very knowledgeable as well. She is a also a good listener, listened to my ramblings about life 😁😁I've dropped some weight but the best part is not that but the extra energy I have to last the day.The gym is comfortable, appointment-based only so you won't be sharing with a large crowd. It's clean and spacious. Everyone is friendly - staffs and clients as well.
Kim Choo YeoKim Choo Yeo
01:28 14 Apr 21
I am a retiree who falls comfortably within the senior citizen bracket. I had trained under Omar for 6 months. He is my second personal trainer, and is by far the best I have had. With Omar's patience and guidance, I have been able to continuously push myself and maintain my motivation. Omar is able to gauge my abilities and introduce the right amount of resistance to help me make sure and steady progress. He takes the time to recognize my shortcomings and finds ways to work around it. This is crucial especially for seniors like me. With strong emphasis on technique when executing workouts, I am more confident in performing my workouts without the worry of injury.
saw irenesaw irene
07:34 30 Mar 21
Move, for me, it is a fitness center with a certain level, whether it is facilities or coaches. In addition, I can easily buy healthy meals after exercise, because move canteen is right next to move.Coach Gina is a responsible and professional coach. She explains the function of each movement and how to do it in the right way to avoid injury. Besides that, she arranges, calculates calories intake for me and explains about nutritional. Trained by Coach Gina, I found that it can be very effective and fun at the same time.I am grateful for everything that I have experienced at Move; also appreciate Coach Gina’s passion and professionalism in sports.
Lynette LimLynette Lim
05:40 07 Mar 21
I experienced my first personal training with Coach Gina. She is very professional and dedicated in her coaching. During PT, Coach Gina will schedule the workouts suit to our requirements and train us patiently and vividly. Together with her food and nutrition advice, the results achieved. We become fit & energetic. We enjoyed the journey and thanks to her effort to make it fun to us. Highly recommended to all who want to make a change on your health and body line.^_^
Cheryl Ang Chia MingCheryl Ang Chia Ming
06:02 25 Feb 21
I've never enjoy exercised in my life since young and now I’ve been consistently working out 3 times per week under Coach Vanessa. I really enjoy my workout session with her and the results were truly remarkable. With her positive attitude, she makes me stay motivated for the long haul. She takes time to truly understand the postures I am struggling with, and customize a plan that will help in the achievement of specific fitness goals. Working out has become much more fun because now I actually know what I’m doing. Thanks Coach Vanessa for putting together my training program and helping me achieve the results. You truly are a professional :)
Amy LaiAmy Lai
13:31 22 Feb 21
My experience at Move with coach Ivan has been worthwhile and life changing. My coach spent a lot of time with me initially getting to understand my goals, my lifestyle and motivation. Every gym session with Ivan has been very deliberate in working towards my goal and he has been incredibly attentive in making sure that I do each exercise properly to maximize results.Coach Ivan has been/is a great support and mentor throughout my fitness journey, helping me achieve my goals and also answering my concerns I’ve had along the way. From gym routine and technique all the way to how food impacts your body.Don’t doubt yourself and trust the team at Move Bukit Jalil to help you reach your goals.

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