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Senior and Golden Agers
Illness Management Individuals
Ambitious Entrepreneurs
Busy Parents
Career Driven Professionals
Live More Kickstarter
Transformative Lifestyle

About Bukit Jalil

The suburb is known for the glory of Malaysia’s sporting history, affluent residences, having one of the most cherished recreational parks and now – MOVE Bukit Jalil

Literally, a stone’s throw away from Pavillion 2, MOVE Bukit Jalil is perfectly the four walls that nurture and empower individuals who embody the notion of “Move Well, Live More”

Bespoke, inviting and uplifting, let us create a newfound fitness experience you can indulge in to amplify whatever pursuit you’re on in life.

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Adri Aizat (ADRAZT)Adri Aizat (ADRAZT)
03:46 27 Jun 24
Although I have been going to the gym for the past decade, I always have a problem in maintaining a healthy body weight. As my wedding is getting closer, my objective is to have a good body proportion, while also learn the basic of weightlifting form.The coach starts with the baseline of where I am and currently, in terms of my body measurements and how I look like in the mirror. Then, he tried to understand my goals and then built a workout regiment to achieve my goals. He will always go above and beyond in teaching me of what to do not just during the training session, but at home too. The basis of Move fitness is very practical and analytical, which is easier for me to see my progress.I am more confident and comfortable in handling heavier weights due to being trained on the correct form, especially for leg training such as squats and deadlifts. Plus, I am more aware and conscious of what is the best approach for my diet. i feel more comfortable with my body as the training progresses.I would recommend you to train with Coach Evan at MOVE Private Fitness because he is flexible with the timing and workout regiment to achieve my goals. As a working professional, finding time to train is quite difficult but Coach Evan managed to accommodate me. He is also very friendly and honest and always train me to the best of his abilities.
Vinoda GanaseVinoda Ganase
15:48 30 May 24
I was never someone who liked working out & I was tired of gaining weight but not doing anything about it, so I came to train with Coach George Chew Wei Sin. I learned a lot that I never knew about when it comes to working on general strength training, so it definitely met my expectations!After a few months of training with coach Wei Sin, I've definitely gained strength overall.. I can lift up to 35kg squat now, last time I couldn't even lift 5kg! 💪 He's also helped with lifestyle changes, so I can see that my training has helped other parts of my life also :)So glad I did this and had such a great coach in Wei Sin, I couldn't have asked for a better start to my new fitness journey! Thank you MOVE 💕
Kae VineKae Vine
16:19 28 May 24
My intention to join MOVE was because I have mild scoliosis and I always injured myself whenever I exercised. I was referred to Coach Wei Sin and decided to train with him because of his experience in rehab and recovery. He explained to me in detail what exercises he would tailor into my training program and how it would improve my condition.Coach Wei Sin is very dedicated and passionate in his work. I like how he takes the time to explain how each exercises works, motivates us during training and always make sure that we are using correct form. He is very knowledgeable in physio. He will explain what is correct form and provide effective alternatives to activate the correct target muscles if you are not feeling it.Ever since I’ve trained with Coach Wei Sin, I’ve felt a significant improvement in my posture and core as I don’t experience lower back pain or neck/shoulder pain after sitting for a long time, which had always been the case due to my scoliosis. I also feel more healthy and able now as I can feel that my core is stronger now.I would definitely recommend to train with Coach Wei Sin at MOVE Private Fitness because he is passionate in this field and he understands his clients’ needs.
Jiayi GanJiayi Gan
15:58 28 May 24
I struggled to make progress at the gym for a year previously. I signed up for a membership but barely went, and I wasn't seeing any results. That's why I decided to find a personal trainer to help me with my body toning goals.Coach Wei Sin has been amazing. He's a dedicated and supportive trainer who listens to my needs. He plans workouts that target the specific areas I want to improve. Even when our sessions run a little long, Coach Wei Sin never cuts them short. He's always there to push me further.Since training with him, I've noticed a big difference. I'm not just stronger (I went from not being able to do a single half push-up to doing several!), but I've also changed my approach to food. I'm focusing more on protein and fiber while cutting back on carbs, which has been a big help. Overall, I feel better both physically and mentally.If you're looking for a dedicated and professional trainer, I highly recommend Coach Wei Sin at MOVE Private Fitness. You won't regret it!
08:51 19 May 24
Started my journey with MOVE as I was struggling with fatigue from sedentary busy work schedule and poor gut health. My Coach Wei Sin has been a great support, not only showing genuine concern of my wellbeing but he is also very knowledgeable in rehabilitation which helps with my muscle stiffness here and there haha. I was also brought awareness to my small portion but imbalance diet and sleeping habit that makes recovery and progression slower which I have never thought too much about it in the past.Nonetheless, its been about 2 months training, and save to say fitness is now a norm and part of my day to day more than it has ever been! Even outside of our trainings. I no longer feel extreme tiredness and I’m able to go through my day pretty well which I have my coach to thank :) It is still a journey but it feels like I’m slowly getting control of my health thank you:)))I would recommend training with Coach Wei Sin as he is very patient, passionate about what he do and knowledgable especially on rehab space. Also, the casual chats are always fun XD
Sheirly TanSheirly Tan
14:15 13 May 24
I joined the gym to improve my fitness, form, and strength. After two months with coach Wei Sin, I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall strength, especially in my overall core muscles and more stable. The exercises are straightforward yet effective and align well with my fitness goals. I recommend training with Coach Wei Sin due to his patience and help me to progress my strength.
No NoNo No
17:08 06 May 24
I was worried about my health as I had been living a rather sedentary lifestyle until now, so I decided to train with Coach Wei Sin in order to improve my health. Coach Wei Sin's training I felt was great, it didn't start out as overwhelmingly difficult like I had feared, but instead started out as being quite manageable while still being challenging. Coach Wei Sin himself is also very nice and polite. After doing just a few weeks of training with Coach Wei Sin, I already felt much better. I lost some weight, but also my legs, which used to suffer from cramps a lot, feel perfectly fine now and I have had no cramps or discomfort at all. I would highly recommend people to train with Coach Wei Sin at MOVE Private Fitness.
Mohamed RizalMohamed Rizal
10:09 06 May 24
I was inactive in fitness for more than two years due to busy work schedule and lack of motivation. Came across MOVE FITNESS while browsing through my Facebook. The name itself made me feel, it’s time to MOVE and get back to my fitness journey. Headed over to the nearby branch in Bukit Jalil, explained on why I’m here and what am I looking for. After looking at the atmosphere I immediately decided to join. Received a message from my appointed coach, who is none other than WeiSin!We had similar hobbies which was running and cycling so it made me feel easier to communicate with him.WeiSin thought me that both cycling and running needs to be combined with weight training for better performance and injury prevention.I have never trained my legs due to lack of confidence and knowledge, but that was overturned by WeiSin.He guided me well especially on the postures and the right method of lifting through using weights and without one.Throughout our session he will be very concerned on how I feel especially whether there is any discomfort or pain on the targeted muscles.If you feel discomfort or pain, he will immediately stop the coaching and turns into a Rehab Coach!He will give you detailed explanations on how to avoid those discomfort/pain in future and give additional tips that can be done by your own at home.His concern towards my injury improved my motivation level.Now after few months of training with Coach WeiSin, I will always look forward for my next session!For those who really want to get back to your fitness journey or even start a new one, head to Move Fitness at Bukit Jalil and look for coach WeiSin. He will never leave you disappointed!
Cam NimCam Nim
07:41 06 May 24
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great training sessions provided by Coach Wei Sin. Your dedication and guidance in helping me achieve my fitness goals.I've appreciated your willingness to answer questions and address concerns. Your guidance and motivation throughout the workout. Your attention to detail and willingness to adjust exercises to fit my needs and abilities is greatly appreciated. I can already feel myself getting stronger and more confident in the gym.Once again, thank you for your exceptional service, support, expertise and commitment to my health and wellness.Looking forward to our next session!
Mariah RamlyMariah Ramly
01:40 06 May 24
I was always an active person, but I also do love to eat. End 2023, I realized the method that I've been using to control my weight gain is no longer working. I gained 7kg from Sept - Dec 2023, and my knee was killing me from old injury. Approaching 2024, I was looking for an alternative in managing my unstoppable weight gain when I came across MOVE Bukit Jalil.George was assigned as my trainer. He is a very good coach to the point that I became a very good trainee. He explained the target muscle clearly so that I can focus on the right muscle during the reps. He adjusted the program to suit my needs, my injury and my likes and dislikes. He also keep pushing me beyond my limit, never knew I can lift that much.George did not just coached me on fitness, but also lifestyle change. He wanted me to eat rice! Something that other trainers will never let me do! It makes it easier for me to adjust my lifestyle as the changes he introduced are small, but impactful.I would recommend you to train with George as he has helped to motivate me not only during our training sessions but also on other days. He checked out on my meals, cardio exercise, energy level, and best of all I can still enjoy my nasi campur. I lost 2kg in 3months, feels stronger and looks better too - even with nasi campur.
11:18 03 May 24
I came to train with coach Wei Sin. He’s really good because he’s very professional and determined. His added points are his dedication in his follow up with his clients and also his knowledge in rehab for musculoskeletal injury which helps tremendously. I noticed great changes in my endurance and stamina. I would definitely recommend to those looking for coach that is dedicated.
Rosh KhairaRosh Khaira
12:25 01 May 24
Hi My name is Roshnee and I was an athlete in martial arts here in Malaysia. I had multiple injuries over both my knees including meniscus tears and ACL/PCL strain which has caused to immobilize for more than 2 years. I was rehabilitating myself, however I was having difficulties even to walk and it was debilitating. I was so fortunate to counter MOVE fitness here in Bukit Jalil, and I have been training for 1 month with my trainer George Chew Wei Sin. His knowledge in strengthening my knees has been extraordinary and I’ve been able to do squats with weights without pain! I am so grateful to him and MOVE FITNESS does live up to their name in helping people in building their trainees back to health and their baseline functionality. I’m very grateful for my trainer! Cheers :)
Andrew TanAndrew Tan
09:59 15 Apr 24
I've tried reaching out to the center several times, but no one has answered my calls. I've left messages for the trainer twice, but haven't received any callbacks. This has been the most disappointing service experience for me.
Jorgie JoeyeeJorgie Joeyee
04:14 14 Apr 24
I came to train with Coach Evan to learn to do more compound movements and get my postures right. The experience was good, he is very detailed and also teaches me how and what to eat to optimize the result. He looks after my overall fitness and i felt well-cared for, unlike the touch-and-go approach i had before at other centers. I can see myself progressing and lifting heavier weights with the right postures without injuring myself during these few weeks. I would definitely recommend Coach Evan! 💪🏼
03:24 30 Mar 24
I'm very grateful for Hung Yang's expert training at MOVE Bukit Jalil. With their personalized planning, I can achieve my desired muscle percentage sooner than expected. Not just that, but they are interactive during each sessions, making every training session easier and fun. If you're looking for an exceptional personal trainer, I highly recommend Hung Yang.
Rik Foong LiewRik Foong Liew
02:58 30 Mar 24
I am impressed by Move Bukit Jalil's Hung Yang's expertise, professionalism and attitude to providing me an enriching and effective methods and knowledge in enhancing my lifestyle and health journey. Highly recommended!
Grace ChengGrace Cheng
03:57 22 Mar 24
I came to train with Jie Min for overall health improvements. He is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. He is a good listener too!! It surprised me when he suggested to talk to my physiotherapist on my shoulder problem to tailor made the best workout for me. The extra efforts he put in to make sure I achieve my goals are commendable. I am now pain free even I had the longest working day on my laptop. I would strongly recommend anyone to train with him. Thank you coach Jiemin!!
Kateryna ZaikaKateryna Zaika
13:55 14 Mar 24
Working with my coach Yung has been a game-changer. Her super attentive and cheerful approach makes every session enjoyable. Yung gives a very gentle push and it worked perfect for me. She's friendly and also incredibly knowledgeable. It was the first time in my life I made a squat with a right technique, without Yung’s help, I’d keep damaging my knees forever. Highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness journey! I’ll miss you
Sylvia SimonSylvia Simon
00:20 11 Mar 24
I joined MOVE's kickstarter program due to a hectic schedule and a need for fitness guidance.Coach Evan was incredibly patient and educational, making each movement understandable and improving my form. His energy management tips helped my approach to exercise, making my goals seem achievable. Thanks to Coach Evan, I self-correct with ease and now excited to pursue my fitness journey realistically.I highly recommend training with Coach Evan at MOVE Private Fitness for his beginner-friendly advice and genuine care for your progress. You'll leave feeling confident and equipped to tackle your fitness goals whatever it may be.
j limj lim
14:45 26 Feb 24
I have zero knowledge on workout and I decided to signed up with Move after talking to Coach Evan.The sessions with Coach Evan are fun and enjoyable, and have been my most anticipated routine after a long working day. He not only guided me on using the proper form and movement, but also change my understanding about fitness by using the lifestyle approach.I highly recommend Coach Evan for his expertise and continuous support even after the training session.
evelyn leoevelyn leo
04:05 02 Jan 24
I initially began my fitness journey with group workouts in a different gym, primarily engaging in HIIT and cardio exercises. Over time, I noticed that while these workouts were enjoyable, they lacked emphasis on maintaining proper posture and building strength with weights. Consequently, I made the decision to switch to Move, where the 1-2-1 training approach allows for a greater focus on individualized attention, ensuring proper posture and providing corrections as needed.At Move, I had the opportunity to train with Coach Evan, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He consistently motivates students to push their limits in a safe manner and customizes workouts to align with individual goals and capabilities.Upon completing sessions with Coach Evan, I've observed his continuous support even outside our training sessions. He ensures that I can reach out with any questions about my solo workouts, providing guidance and clarification. His precise demonstrations of proper workout techniques have been immensely helpful, aiding in long-term retention. Despite my initial discomfort with traditional gyms, the personalized workout plan he crafted has equipped me with the confidence to exercise independently, as I've learned a comprehensive set of exercises.In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Move as the ideal destination for beginners embarking on their fitness journey. Specifically, I highly recommend training with Coach Evan. He is not only a genuinely nice and down-to-earth person but is also sincere in assisting you in achieving your fitness goals. I look forward to returning one day soon. :)
09:38 21 Dec 23
I have signed up with MOVE for weight management and overall health improvement. Jie Min was my coach for the program. His gentle and patient demeanor fosters a comfortable training atmosphere. He is also a caring, supportive trainer and a fun guy to talk to (which makes workout more enjoyable). I felt welcomed and supported throughout the program. Jie Min took extra effort to understand my specific needs and customize the workout plans that suit my fitness level and objectives. He expressed genuine interest in my progress and checks on me regularly. I am also very grateful for the constructive feedbacks and nutritional advices he offered. The gym itself is well-maintained (and smells good too). To be honest, I was unsure and terrified about the notion of training at a gym. Throughout the program, I have come to believe that training is not as scary as what I thought it would be. Jie Min’s guidance and the encouraging atmosphere at MOVE has helped me overcome self-doubt and gained self-confidence. For people who are looking for a positive and personalized training experience, do reach out to Jie Min.
puvanes waripuvanes wari
04:58 01 Dec 23
My coach Kyle (in MOVE Bukit Jalil) is an energetic and motivated person. During my sessions with Kyle, I realise that I'm not only reducing weight (which was my initial goal), but gaining my confidence and motivation. I always look forward for my sessions with Kyle.
Raihan RadziRaihan Radzi
04:20 01 Dec 23
Trainer Kyle is very experienced and has vast knowledge of fitness that he loves sharing. He really cares for his clients and he adapts to their needs and limitations.He knows how to encourage his clients to try and makes challenging workout feels achievable. His encouragement and motivation makes me feel confident and comfortable even though I do not have any experience with personal trainer before.I have gained new knowledge and confidence in my fitness journey with Kyle. I thank him for the guidance and support throughout the journey.I recommend you to train with Kyle for his knowledge, encouragement and drive to help you achieve your fitness goal.
A kA k
14:59 21 Nov 23
I'm incredibly grateful for Jie Min's expert training at MOVE Bukit Jalil. 8 months ago, I've suffered from knee stiffness and soreness after MCL grade 2 injury. In September this year, I started strength training with Jie Min and he helped to regain my range of motion for my knee. I am happy to say that the post injury symptoms are recovered well while gaining more strength for my body. Their dedication, knowledge, and motivation made every session enjoyable. If you're looking for an exceptional personal trainer, I highly recommend Jie Min.
Xin YiXin Yi
03:40 20 Nov 23
I'm a first-timer at the gym, and I can't praise Coach Yung enough. Her patience and focus during our sessions made my introduction to fitness smooth and enjoyable. Her guidance and attention to detail, especially for a beginner like me, have been exceptional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated and supportive coach. Thanks, Coach Yung, for making my gym experience positive and posture improvement!
Yi Bin LerYi Bin Ler
02:10 15 Nov 23
Great that I came across Move as I was serving for a personal trainer. After I sent in my enquires, I received call from Coach Evan and he was patient in answering many of my doubts.I engaged him for the sessions and find that he takes care of my knee issues and helped me to adjust accordingly to perform the exercises.He is positive, friendly and focus in guiding me throughout the sessions. He keeps my motivation going and his coaching session is always fun and enjoyable. Tough and fulfilling.I would recommend you to train with Coach Evan at MOVE Private Fitness because he is genuine in helping me to achieve my fitness goal and ensure there is continuous progress for me.
Seraphine LimSeraphine Lim
04:32 31 Oct 23
Had three kickstarter sessions here with coach Evan, and it's one of the best experiences I ever had with one on one training in my fitness path. Received thorough guidance & full attention from my coach, he's able to guide me properly on my movements, and how I can reach my ideal fitness goals. Definitely made me (a newbie) more confident & aware in the public gym as I have a better idea on what i'm doing now that I've gone through Evan's guidance! Would love to come back for more improvements in the future
Girl Bee AngGirl Bee Ang
04:06 26 Sep 23
Kyle had been my personal coach for 7 months, and working out with him has been a great pleasure. He was a motivator and professional educator who helped me achieve my ideal body weight within 7 months. Kyle demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge in training techniques and provided detailed explanations of each workout. He has been observant with good attention to detail and promptly corrected all mistakes that I have made during the session. Kyle has inspired me to pursue a path of becoming a fitness instructor. I have been more confident and motivated to continue my fitness journey thanks to Kyle
10:03 14 Sep 23
Working with Coach Kyle has been a game changer for my fitness journey. Their personalized approach, expert knowledge, and motivational guidance have propelled me toward my goals. The tailored workouts, innovative techniques, and emphasis on proper form showcase their expertise. Beyond the gym, their valuable nutrition insights have been transformative. Coach Kyle is not just a coach, but a true motivator who believes in their clients. If you're looking for an exceptional personal gym coach, look no further!
Kokhoong LumKokhoong Lum
04:25 01 Sep 23
From day one, my trainer, Kyle, exhibited an impressive depth of knowledge in fitness and nutrition. His expertise extended far beyond the basics, and I quickly realized I was in capable hands. His understanding of various training techniques and his ability to explain complex concepts in a relatable manner truly set him apart.What stood out to me was how Kyle designed workouts that were challenging yet achievable, tailored perfectly to my individual needs and goals. He took the time to understand my fitness level, preferences, and any concerns I had. This personalized approach made every session not only effective but also enjoyable.Throughout my fitness journey, Kyle has been an unwavering source of support and motivation. There were times when I felt discouraged, but his words of encouragement and belief in my capabilities kept me going. It's not just about the physical aspect; Kyle also understands the importance of mental strength and pushed me to overcome obstacles I never thought I could conquer.Under Kyle's guidance, I've not only achieved remarkable results but also gained a comprehensive understanding of proper training techniques and strategies. From mastering the intricacies of different exercises to learning the nuances of efficient workout routines, Kyle has equipped me with the knowledge I need to make every session count.
Prudence VPrudence V
05:33 31 Aug 23
Training with Kyle is truly enjoyable. He is more than a personal trainer, he is a partner in the journey of progress. He took the time to understand my strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and what was demotivating me, especially after months of not working out.He is also knowledgeable, understanding, and adaptable. He switched out workouts as needed and dedicated time to explain muscle groups and their functions. At times, I struggled to find the motivation to work out after long days at work. Kyle understands that each individual is unique and consistently reminded me why I started working out: for me, it's a matter of health. He progressively pushed my limits, enabling better performance and ultimately achieving results in physical, emotional and spiritual growth.So far, I have experienced significant improvements in overall strength and fitness. I feel lighter in body and have gained positivity in terms of knowledge and skills. After all, going to the gym is not as hard as I thought!
Aaron PhuaAaron Phua
13:01 29 Aug 23
I've had the pleasure of working with Coach Kyle as my personal trainer for the past few months, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional fitness professional who has truly elevated my gym experience. I am compelled to acknowledge his remarkable contributions to my fitness journey.Kyle is not just a trainer; he's a motivator, educator, and a dedicated guide on the path to achieving your fitness goals. His personalized approach to training sets him apart – he took the time to understand my objectives, limitations, and preferences, crafting a program that was both challenging and tailored to my needs.Throughout our sessions, Kyle demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge in exercise physiology, nutrition, and various training techniques. He explained the science behind each workout, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the purpose and benefits of every exercise prescribed. This educational aspect greatly enriched my workouts and empowered me to make better fitness choices outside the gym.What truly impressed me was Kyle's unwavering commitment to my progress. With keen observation, he monitored my performance closely, providing constant feedback and making adjustments as needed. His positive attitude and encouragement pushed me beyond my perceived limits, helping me achieve milestones I never thought possible in such a short time.Aside from his expertise, Kyle is an excellent communicator and an approachable individual. I've observed that he listens actively to his clients and adapts his coaching style to suit his clients' personalities. This made every session not only productive but enjoyable as well.Thanks to Kyle, I have seen remarkable improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall fitness level. I am more confident and motivated to continue my fitness journey independently, armed with the knowledge and skills he imparted upon me.
xian loongxian loong
07:39 28 Aug 23
From day one, Kyle has been very professional in providing insights on working out, eating, and flexibility. He has demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge in both fitness and nutrition, giving me an assessment of how much I should eat to achieve my ideal goals. Furthermore, Kyle assessed my flexibility and taught me how to improve it, thus achieving a better range of motion during workouts.What stood out to me was how Kyle tailored my workouts and training sessions to suit my fitness level, consistently pushing me to my limits – exactly what I wanted. He is always patient and willing to help with any questions or problems I have about the exercises.There were many times when I doubted myself and attempted to slack off, but Kyle would always motivate me with inspirational speeches, encouraging me to believe in myself and stay disciplined. Under Kyle’s guidance, my overall strength and diet improved, and I gained extensive knowledge about the workouts I needed to achieve my goals.
ss tss t
03:28 27 Aug 23
As for me, Coach Kyle is an incredibly professional trainer, particularly when it comes to his knowledge. He consistently ensures that my techniques are correct to prevent any injuries, rather than simply pushing for heavier training. Kyle's approach is both professional and personalized. He understands my fitness goals and tailors each session to address my unique needs. This individualized attention has been invaluable in keeping me motivated and making consistent progress. One aspect that truly stands out is Kyle's meticulous organization of my workout data. He plans my exercise routine in advance based on previous recorded data, ensuring that every session is purposeful and aligned with my goals.
Mandy ChaiMandy Chai
03:09 27 Aug 23
Kyle is an exceptional personal trainer who truly understands the intricacies of fitness and nutrition. His expertise in tailoring workouts and guidance in nutrition to my specific needs has been remarkable. Not only does he possess accurate knowledge, but he also pays great attention to my concerns, effectively addressing my issues and providing solutions that work. His motivational skills are second to none – he knows just what to say when I'm feeling demotivated or struggling with body image. With Kyle's guidance, I've managed to shed weight while simultaneously gaining muscle mass, a feat I never thought possible. Thanks to him, I've gained the confidence to work out independently, all the while steadily increasing my strength.
Avern ChunAvern Chun
13:45 26 Aug 23
Since the first session with Kyle, it was clear that he was extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. When I first started getting back to exercising after years of hiatus, it was tough, but Kyle’s workout plans for me were straightforward and easy to follow, which allowed me to bounce back into good shape and regain my strength. Not to mention, Kyle has always been supportive, encouraging, and especially patient with my mobility issues that persisted throughout our sessions. His friendly nature also allowed me to be comfortable while working with him and he was not shy of sharing knowledge that could further help my fitness journey. Under his guidance, I saw my confidence boosted as my physical strength steadily increased and gained a healthy amount of lean mass, which reduced my insecurities of being too thin. Kyle’s teachings have since stuck with me even after months after our personal training sessions were over.
Boon Kyan NgBoon Kyan Ng
06:03 10 Aug 23
I started with a phone call with Evan and he explained thoroughly on their gentle approach to achieve my personal goal. Booked a 26-sessions with him the next day. It was slow and steady at the beginning as I have some old issues with my wrist and back. But throughout the program, those 2 issues have been long forgotten as I was guided by Evan with the right technique and position to perform each exercise. With continuous advices from him, my life was changed to a more healthy centric starting from diet and lifestyle change. I would recommend everyone to train with Coach Evan at MOVE because I believe his approach can be beneficial for everyone with different goals.
I started with a phone call with Evan and he explained thoroughly on their gentle approach to achieve my personal goal. Booked a 26-sessions with him the next day. It was slow and steady at the beginning as I have some old issues with my wrist and back. But throughout the program, those 2 issues haven been long forgotten as I was guided by Evan with the right technique and position to perform each exercise. With continuous advices from him, my life was changed to a more healthy centric starting from diet and lifestyle change. I would recommend everyone to train with Coach Evan at MOVE because I believe his approach can be beneficial for everyone with different goals.
Amanda NgAmanda Ng
03:58 28 Jul 23
I've had the privilege of training with Coach Yung over the past few months, and it has been an incredible experience. The best thing I love about her is her extraordinary patience throughout our workout sessions. She skillfully guides me on using the correct gestures during exercises, and what sets her apart is that she willingly shares her vast knowledge of physiotherapy, which has been immensely helpful.Being a female, I feel more at ease training with Coach Yung as she understands and caters to my specific needs. Her expertise and approach make me feel empowered and motivated to achieve my fitness goals. She truly brings out the best in me!The fitness center itself is top-notch, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and comfort. One of the highlights is that it's never crowded, providing a serene environment to focus on workouts without distractions.I highly recommend Coach Yung and this fitness center to anyone looking for personalized, effective, and enjoyable training sessions. You won't be disappointed!
Farah AdibahFarah Adibah
03:44 27 Jul 23
I went for training with Coach Yung and it was great. She’s always energetic and fun to train with. Always committed and will constantly remind your goals for doing the training. She’s very understanding as well if I couldn’t make it to the session and will try her best to accommodate and make sure I catch up where I left if any session missed. Definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a PT ! Thank you Coach Yung !! 🥰🥰
Soh Chiew YingSoh Chiew Ying
13:31 11 Jun 23
I have been training with Coach Yung for 3 months, I am satisfied with the entire training session. Yung gently guide and correct my workout posture, I am satisfied that my weight training as I am able to break through beyond my limitation.Beside that, all the trainers in Move are friendly, I am enjoy to doing workout with Move.
Nawal ChanNawal Chan
02:51 07 May 23
Had Yung as my coach and trainer. She’s very attentive, passionate and understanding when it comes to training. She’s also very patient, motivating in guiding and trained me whenever i have issues or cannot go on with the workout. If i have the chance to join the program again, i would definitely want her as my coach again.
Jaime LiewJaime Liew
12:33 28 Feb 23
I decided to join Move and train with Coach Evan as I've been dieting and exercising for a long time but did not manage to sustain my desired weight and body shape. Most importantly, I wanted to learn how to not just reach my desired weight and body shape, but to do it healthily and maintain them as long as I wish and am capable of since I am also planning for a family soon.Coach Evan's game plan is very straightforward but tailored to my situation and strength level. When I underwent minor surgery in the first month, Coach Evan adjusted the regime as per the doctor's advice. As I also had backache, he would change the exercise without compromising on the type of muscle to work on.Coach Evan's positive encouragement always makes the sessions enjoyable. He does not impose strict discipline but prompts me with questions that would make me reflect and eventually adapt to my behavior and mindset. Initially, I wanted to reach a slim body shape, but now I am just as excited about the strength I improved session by session. I also learned the key to a good intense workout is not the weights but the tempo, breathwork, and posture. I now include simple, active moves like walking and doing house chores as part of my healthy lifestyle. My husband also noticed that my mindset has shifted to a more positive outlook. Instead of dreading workouts or being impatient about my weight, he is happy that I look into the strength I carried or the inches I gained/lost.I would definitely recommend anyone to train with Coach Evan at MOVE Private Fitness if you felt similar experiences like me; that you tried many ways to lose weight or sustain the lost weight but have yet to reach your goals, or you want to be better at working out the right way!
09:35 16 Feb 23
I have been working with Coach YouhGain for the past 3 months, and it's been a life-changing experience. I am beyond impressed by his dedication to helping me reach my fitness goals. He is both an excellent personal trainer and a great motivator, making training sessions so much fun and enjoyable!Coach YouhGain always provides modifications and encouragement to push me to my limits. He has been incredibly attentive, ensuring my workout forms are correct to maximize the results. Not only did I learn a lot from him, I've also seen significant improvements in my strength and overall fitness since working with him.If anyone is looking to kickstart their fitness journey or to take it to the next level, I highly recommend MOVE Private Fitness – great place, good vibes, and the other trainers are just as friendly.
Juo NanJuo Nan
15:41 04 Feb 23
After having not properly exercised for more than 3 years after giving birth, I finally decided to sign up with Coach YouhGain at Move as I really wanted to try weight training but wasn’t sure what was the right way to do it. At first I was a little worried as I had diastasis recti and some other persisting old injuries, but Coach YouhGain really took all my concerns seriously and tailored the training sessions to my needs. After just 3 months training with him, my core is much stronger and my overall strength and body composition have improved with his training programme and nutrition guidance.At Move:1. You get privacy while working out and flexibility to decide when to schedule your workouts.2. Coaches are all experienced, friendly and encouraging.3. The studio and facilities are well-equipped and maintained.All in all I highly recommend Move!
Simon HoSimon Ho
13:09 04 Feb 23
Coming from living a sedentary lifestyle, I've decided to sign up with Move under PT Coach Youhgain. I have signed up for gym memberships in the past but never managed to fully maximise the facilities as I was too intimidated by the equipment and fearing that I would injure myself in the process. I would say my journey with Move has been a fulfilling and satisfying one as I have now managed to do all the weight training that I have been missing out on in the past with proper guidance and curated training programs based on my needs. Coach Youhgain was attentive to my goals and at the same time crafted a plan that fits into my lifestyle. The facilities are new and place is conducive for training. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to try a hand in weight training and experience PT with a personal coach. Timing is flexible and place is rarely overcrowded. Two thumbs up
Boon Keat LeeBoon Keat Lee
11:33 01 Feb 23
I would highly recommend Coach Youhgain! He is one of the best coach I ever know. He provide a very proper full plan from exercise until diet which ensure your gains! He is very experience and will shock you with many variety of workout which you never thought about! Go and find him and you will never regret ! 10/10 🔥
Wanyi YeowWanyi Yeow
03:13 31 Jan 23
What I like about Move is the exclusivity enjoyed by every member. The studio is cozy with just few members during every session and the timing is flexible, which is much appreciated by working people. Most importantly, my trainer, coach Yung is such a loving teacher. As I have certain degree of scoliosis, I tend to have incorrect postures while doing the exercise. She would gently guide me to correction and be the best cheer leader for me when I meet setbacks.I am someone who believe in getting a good teacher will set the journey right. And I found one at Move. I will continue my fitness journey confidently with coach Yung at Move.
mushroomtif Sonemushroomtif Sone
10:47 22 Jan 23
I have been training with Coach Ivan for 2 and a half months and I definitely see my progress. I did not just lose weight and got slimmer. I actually learned a lot from Coach Ivan:1) Dieting doesn’t means you have to be hungry2) Exercising can be funRather than feeling tired from a training session, I actually feel more energetic throughout the day. Coach Ivan gave me a lot suggestions and advice on how to prepare my meals. And most importantly his encouragement and positive vibes. Overall, I feel Move ticks all the boxes for a comfortable gym with good vibes.
Barry CheokBarry Cheok
06:14 02 Nov 22
The Move Gym, got to know my previous PT – CHEW YUNG has joined here, all the best to you guys and her. She equipped with both rehab and strength training knowledge, which helped me tremendously for my work out with less injury. Not sure if I will switch here in near term but of the view she deserves some acknowledgement from her previous student. Cheers.
14:49 05 Oct 22
I’ve trained by Coach Ivan since year 2020. I’ve started with strength training and follow by a ‘customised’ training specifically for my marathon run. Ivan has tailored a training program for me when I told him regarding my marathon plan. The training has helped me to strengthen my muscle at the same time continue to improve my flexibility, balancing and muscle endurance for my run.He has helped me to reach great levels of health and fitness that I could not have reached without his training and motivation. I would recommend anyone who would like to improve their fitness to work with Ivan.
I've trained by Coach Evan Tan for 3months ago. I'm very satisfied with the different experienced program with others.Experienced as below :: pay attention on student on their progression on every checkpoint.: giving good/positive mindset which it's very good encouragement.: Food suggestion to easier and suit in your lifestyleRemarks : On my view, that's the close followup or friendship in between Coach and student making good result during the whole progression. You'll never be alone!

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