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Senior and Golden Agers
Illness Management Individuals
Ambitious Entrepreneurs
Busy Parents
Career Driven Professionals
Live More Kickstarter
Transformative Lifestyle

About Kota Laksamana

Discover MOVE Kota Laksamana, the debut studio since the inception of MOVE training philosophy and brand culture which are now being popularized by MOVE studio branches throughout Malaysia.

Strategically located in the pulse of Melaka City – Kota Laksamana, MOVE Kota Laksamana serves as an urban oasis of care and breakthrough for leaders from all walks of life day in day out.

Spectacularly built to usher natural daylight and allow unobstructed airflow with its double volume ceiling height, MOVE Kota Laksamana is here to raise the bar (no pun intended) for your fitness experience when it comes to hygiene, ventilation and cleanliness with a touch of privacy.


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Wei Gor SushiWei Gor Sushi
02:40 22 Jun 24
Have been trained by coach nathan for 3 times , feeling so well and learn some knowledge about my nutrition and my position .i feeling so comfortable after training and coach nathan will explain all the question that I doubts before , and also the environment are clean and good for all people to join it , clean and high recommend
Qiela HunnyQiela Hunny
06:16 07 Jun 24
I have been trained by Coach Nathan during our LMK period of 3 times. The explanation and attention he gave to me and the way he conclude on what I need to pay more attention to is very commendable and I feel better at the feeling of pushing myself to train harder to lose certain weights. Thanks to him I can get a proper training method for my goal.
Nurain MadzlenNurain Madzlen
13:58 06 Jun 24
Before joining Move, my mental health was in a terrible state due to work-related stress. Waking up in the morning, I had no motivation to work and constantly had negative thoughts. I cried often and struggled with sleepless nights because of overthinking. So, I decided to train with Coach Fyfa to relieve my stress.After training with Coach Fyfa for two months, I felt better about going to work. Although I still had some negative thoughts, they had significantly reduced, and I can control my emotions. I cried less , slept better, and felt much more energized and confident.Coach Fyfa helping me to build mental strength and manage my emotions. There were times I thought I couldn’t complete a set, but with her guidance, I managed to push through. This experience made me realize that training with Coach Fyfa has improved my well-being day by day.For anyone struggling with work stress and looking for a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend starting with a beneficial routine like joining this fitness training program with Coach Fyfa. Changing our daily routine to something more positive can transform our lives, not just by improving our mental health but also by enhancing our physical fitness.Thank you, Coach Fyfa, for your constant encouragement and support.
Chyenne GrieveChyenne Grieve
05:26 27 May 24
Excellent experience training with Ammar for 4 weeks here!! He was super knowledgeable and very effective at targeting my specific needs to improve my form and weaknesses. I saw excellent results in strength, weight loss, and overall fitness (lost 4.5 kg while increasing muscle mass -- fantastic!). Ammar was super motivating and the studio and equipment were all top notch. Highly recommend if you're in need of a personal trainer!
norazamimah bogalnorazamimah bogal
04:46 30 Apr 24
Before I started training with Move, I was feeling pretty down about my workouts. I just couldn't seem to see any results, no matter what I did. I was feeling pretty demotivated and didn't even know where to start.But since I started training with Move, things have really turned around for me! Even small improvements make me feel so much better about my progress. And I can really see that my body strength has improved and I've lost inches! I had an awesome coaching session with Fyfa, she really took the time to listen to my needs and guide me through my fitness journey. She's always showing me how to prepare for my workouts. Just remember, there's no better time to start exercising than right now! Today is the best day to start becoming a better and healthier you.
Nuha MuneerahNuha Muneerah
13:29 17 Apr 24
I have been obese for quite some time since school. & my fitness journey has been on and off over the years due to my unhealthy relationship with food and also my nature of work. I have tried online training before but I will always find that I lack discipline to follow thru.So when I encountered MOVE’s ad on facebook, I decided to give it a try as one of my new year’s resolution. Few days later, Coach Fyfa contacted me & soon after, I decided to have my trial training with her. After 3 sessions, I can feel that this is the type of training that I needed. Face to face, & one to one guidance.Coach Fyfa has helped me to tackle many things from my exercise formation, to NEAT, to sleep pattern & especially to my relationship with food.It has been more than 3 months of training with Coach Fyfa & I enjoyed my training so much because Coach Fyfa pushes me to better in terms of my endurance & strength. I love to gain new knowledges from her!I would like to say to those of you who would like to commit to better healthy lifestyle, to just start! Do not wait for motivation because motivation can wears off over time. The thing that keep you moving is your biggest WHY and disclipline 💪🏻
Hiew Wei MengHiew Wei Meng
10:03 03 Apr 24
My PT, Ammar had helped me a lot in getting to do many of the exercises in the right way. It benefitted me a lot and improve my body posture especially my slouch. My lifestyle is also improved. Due to some circumstances, I can't continue the training with him. Thank you very much, Ammar.
Sarah FanSarah Fan
09:11 13 Mar 24
My work stress was taking a toll on my mental and physical health and I'm glad I found Move on Google. It was a short period of 5 weeks yet the experience gave me confidence in getting back my healthy and happy life.I started without an intangible goal except looking for a change in my hectic lifestyle. I have tried various diets and health regime which all gave in the moment I have some small results. All I want is a sustainable rhythm in staying healthy and happy.I have the privilege of working with Coach Ammar and it was a fantastic experience. Coach is patient and passionate about helping people. Coach taught me about listening to and understanding my body and ensuring that my posture is correct so I don't hurt myself.As I started having more confident with myself and my body, my ambition got ahead too. When I told Coach that I would like the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman (GGWW) arms, he told me to be kind to myself and give time.Being a female trainee also meant that my body is designed to handle monthly whirlwinds. In the past, that's usually when all my fitness regimes stop because it's either I felt like a big balloon barely squeezing into those skinny yoga pants or it's just so tiring to even lift a finger. Coach is very understanding about it and taught me well about managing those days. These are the days where the dream of GGWW-arms gets to come out.Overall, I would summarize my experience in one word - happiest. My session is usually in the morning so I'll go into the gym with a mindset of "just trying to get by the day" but I always end up coming out in a happy jolly mood, looking forward to live every minute of the day. I truly enjoy every single session I've had. It's a shame that I have a work schedule that requires frequent travels for otherwise, I would definitely love to sign up for a long term training with Coach Ammar. It's been nothing but genuine joy.Thank you Coach!
Liyana RozanLiyana Rozan
02:41 13 Mar 24
Before I joined MOVE, I used to feel tired all the time. But since I started working out with Coach Fyfa, my health and lifestyle have changed a lot. Now, I'm better at controlling how much I eat, and I can go for a jog & run without feeling tired. Coach Fyfa really helped me stay disciplined and focused on my fitness goals. My Coach, Fyfa, has been super helpful with personalized workouts, keeping me on track. I totally suggest MOVE to anyone thinking about getting healthier. It's not just about exercise, they give you the push and support you need for a healthier life.
Abbas SitiAbbas Siti
08:05 25 Feb 24
I had a short one to one session for the first time at Move with coach Ammar and I am satisfied with the sessions. He gave good explanations on the areas I need to improve. The sessions made me realise what I need to achieve and life style changes needed.
Teja NyerTeja Nyer
10:33 12 Feb 24
Before joining Move, I was probably more concerned about losing weight, but after entering my 2nd month of training with Pt Fyfa, he helped a lot in every session and gave more knowledge about the importance of having stronger muscles and being consistent in achieving goals. The pain after every session makes me feel satisfied. In the past, maybe a lot of people were forced without being willing, but now I'm okay. To become stronger and healthier version of me.💪🏻
arra athiraharra athirah
16:17 11 Feb 24
Before joining MOVE, I weighed 89 kg and had a hard time starting the weight loss process. Now, after just one month with MOVE, my weight is down to 85 kg. I can see a significant change in myself, for example I can briskwalk up to 4 km+ and don't slow down like before, and I also managed to control my appetite/sugar cravings. Trainer MOVE and Coach Fyfa are very helpful. Coach really motivates me to get a better lifestyle. Coach prepares training that suits my ability and understands the client very well. As a Malay woman, it is very difficult to find a female trainer in Malacca, so for me, Coach Fyfa is highly recommended for women who face problems like me. They provide training that is very enjoyable, and with an effective personal approach. Let's start a step towards a better and healthier life like me!
Hau Chung EnnHau Chung Enn
10:05 29 Jan 24
I've been training with Ammar at Move. My experience with them has been exceptional. They possess a deep understanding of fitness principles and tailor workouts to suit individual needs and goals. Their professionalism and dedication are evident in every session, motivating me to push my limits and achieve results I never thought possible. Their communication style is clear and supportive, making each session enjoyable and productive. I highly recommend Ammar to anyone seeking expert guidance and transformational results in their fitness journey."
10:08 27 Jan 24
I mostly do my workouts at home and did not see much progress with my current practice going forward. Saw the advertisement online and signed up for the LMK program about a month ago. Ammar was my coach during this short stinct. He provided me with extensive insights into my present health and fitness baseline and most importantly he corrected a lot of my workout techniques that I have been doing wrongly all these while. He even curated for me a workout plan that focuses on my current needs. I wish I could continue on with the long term program but due to personal constraints I couldn't. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this place and Ammar to anyone that is interested.
Qisti ShazaliQisti Shazali
18:03 12 Jan 24
I was guided by Fyfa and safe to say I learn a lot over the course of 3 days. She helped me on managing proper diet, workout routine and stress out on habits that needs fixation as I was on track but misguided. Thankfully for fyfa i am now able to gain more confidence in working out in gym than before. Brief period of time but compact amount of knowledge obtained.
Maxime JauvionMaxime Jauvion
02:19 30 Dec 23
Before joining MOVE in Kota LAKSAMANA I was not focusing on my health and fitness level. Ammar has show me a new way of thinking and acting. Now I’m walking much more and I enjoy it, I start to monitor my food. Since 4 weeks now, I climb stairs without break and breathing issue, I go to gym with pleasure and I enjoy my talks with my coach. Ammar is flexible, focused on my needs and very competent. I highly recommend to join MOVE. You will change your life with strength and joy.
14:39 17 Dec 23
I always wanted to try fitness training with a personal coach. My coach, Fyfa, is a very energetic, strong (both physical and mental), funny and interesting woman. She loves to explore her new self and she made absolutely excellent achievements in 2023. This also encourages me to explore more on myself throughout my fitness journey. Although I just started one month ago, I already fell in love with the new achievements that the workouts brought me and I will definitely keep moving on in the future. MOVE private fitness gave me a very good experience in starting my fitness journey and I love the environment here where there's only a few people around.
Rachel PohRachel Poh
04:38 08 Dec 23
I enrolled my teenage son for personal training programme with Coach Yek Yong (YY) about a year ago. My main intention was mainly to improve his posture and fitness level as he wasn’t really an outdoor person and I wanted him to do workouts with a proper guidance from a certified trainer.From being a person who wasn’t active at all prior to this to where he is today really amaze me. As he is also busy attending school and other activities, the time flexibility that Coach YY provides did help a lot. As he is so comfortable with Coach YY, they communicate very well and he will make his own time arrangement with Coach YY to make sure that he will be able to attend classes at least twice a week no matter how busy he is.It really makes me happy seeing his determination and progress each day. He is getting stronger and this has also lessened my worry whenever he needs to join any strenuous activities outdoor as I have the confident he can handle it and it has proven so.No doubt the workout plan tailored by Coach YY has been very effective and suitable for him. During this training journey, my son has gained a lot of confidence and not only that, he is also more aware of his diet now and that is really a plus point!Looking at the transformation in him, I can say that enrolling him in MOVE is the best decision I have made. Thank you, Coach YY for helping him to do this! Last but not least, I would highly recommend anyone who would like to improve their fitness level to work with Coach YY.
03:30 04 Oct 23
Renn JieRenn Jie
03:42 23 Jul 23
Han Ming is really a dedicated and nice coach. He has an impressive knowledge of effective workout routines. He also taught me the most effective exercises and help me find the best positions. Additionally, he planned my gym schedule with great care, tailoring it to my specific needs and goals. Highly recommended.
Victoria GohVictoria Goh
18:49 08 Jul 23
Prior to this I only did occasional cardio jogs and always have had a phobia of going to the gym to lift weights (as I didn't know how to utilise the equipments and didn't know what kind of workouts to do). After work fatigue was also real and I became more lazy to exercise. Soon, I gained weight and was on the way back to my overweight younger self.However, when my mom got to know that she has osteoarthritis, it was a sounding alarm to me that I needed to get help from professionals, especially when I'm still young. Hence, I finally decided to enquire about MOVE.Right from the beginning, my coach, Wenshian was super friendly and inviting. Although the journey would require changes, effort and commitment on my part, Wenshian made the process seem less intimidating. Additionally, I really like how she intentionally got to know me more so that she could customize my fitness programme based on my needs & goals. Also, I like the fitness community & culture which they've created. High care but also high challenge environment and everybody is on this journey of #breakthrough and #neverstoplearningJoining MOVE Fitness is by far the best decision that I've made in 2023!! It's a place where you are constantly challenged - physically, mentally, emotionally and even socially. Through these few months, I'm thankful to Wenshian for always pushing me even further while also giving me the support & encouragement.Although I signed up for a physical fitness programme, but through it, I gained much more - be it in terms of making new friends, changing mindsets and also communicating with people. I'm proud to say that in the process of 4 months, I've fallen in love with working out, carrying heavier weights, taking better care of my body and also eating healthier.Thank you, Wenshian for being such an awesome coach and for always taking time to share your learning experiences & nuggets of wisdom with me ❤️ You are truly one in a million and I appreciate you! 🤗Towards a healthier Malaysia, let's move well, live more! Keep it up and thank you, MOVE!
Doris TanDoris Tan
11:47 01 Jul 23
I join Move 3 months ago under the coaching of Han Ming. Han Ming is a humble, dedicated and knowledgeable coach. He is always using different training methods to help me to strengthen both my knees, to elevate knee pain which i have been suffering the last few years. He is always resourceful and imparting knowledge so that I always receive the most relevant techniques to improve my overall fitness level. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to embark on a fitness regime. Thank you very much Han Ming.
Tan SeeyingTan Seeying
08:51 27 Jun 23
I started workout with my coach Yek Yong at about last year. Exercise and physical activity help me stay healthier and lower my risk of contracting conditions including type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Exercise and physical activity are both short-term and long-term health boosters to me. Most importantly, regular exercise can raise my standard of living.Being physically active can strengthen my bones and muscles, help me control my weight, enhance my capacity to carry out daily tasks, and boost my cognitive health.
Meredith WeeMeredith Wee
05:51 30 May 23
I used to enjoy and join zumba classes regularly but had to stop due to a MCL tear.Before joining Move, I was consistent with online group training with body weight and light weights. I felt that my fitness plateaued, since my knowledge was limited. Online group training started off fun but became a bit dull towards the end. I joined Move to improve further and explore strength training in depth and as a form of stress relief from work/life.Prior joining Move, I was concerned that I might be bored or uninterested with strength training. I am a person who enjoys variation and challenge. Personally, repetitive movements can be mundane and pretty much kills my interest. I also dislike if an activity becomes too "easy" or predictable.Fast forward 9 months, I am happy to say that strength training became part of my life. From being concerned of having to "force" myself to commit to training, I am converted- I look forward to each class with positive anticipation. Attending trainings is part of my routine and a happy therapy at that.My time at Move Private Fitness with the help of Coach Yek Yong (YY) has been a fulfilling one. From the start, he talked a lot about my expectations of him and the programme. He was also extra careful with the past injuries I had and the new ones I developed. I felt that he took effort in the rehab side of fitness and not just the movement.As a female, I am glad that coach YY did not focus only on aesthetics but constantly place focus in performance and health. Coach YY has been professional in handling the different glitches/roadblocks during my trainings with him. There are many times he had to remind and realign my purpose (and still doing) for fitness as I can be a perfectionist.I felt assured that he had the capability and is commited to solve the problem (multiple injuries) . It was also great that he took into account our own lifestyle and not try to push any sort of format and diet into our programme.He is patient with the thousands of questions I have which made me more confident to ask more during class. He created a safe environment to train. He has been honest to the questions. He doesnt paint an unrealistic goal or promise unrealistic results. He is also flexible in terms of timing and is willing to discuss/negotiate if needed.The studio is very clean and well maintained. The environment is safe, friendly and positive.Move Private fitness with the help of Coach YY has made my fitness journey a rewarding one and I hope to keep this journey going.I would like to encourage people who are new to strength training to give it a go. Start small, be consistent and you will achieve many unexpected health benefits. Against popular belief, strength training isn't dangerous, it is not only for the young and fit, it is not only for those who wants a 6pack abs or to look muscular, it doesn't make a woman body less feminine and the benefits of having more muscles is way more than just looking good. It is a great investment to a stronger old age. Think of - a 60yo who is fit enough to hike or travel and not full of illnesses/diseases/aches/pains.
Tan Jing XuanTan Jing Xuan
07:08 18 Apr 23
I started to join MOVE three months ago. My coach, Han Ming always taught me the knowledge of body muscles and how to control muscles during exercise. Han Ming also gave me a lot of mental support, whenever I wanted to give up, he would encourage me to challenge myself during the workout. I manage to see the result that I want after the 3 month workout and able to gain my confidence back. Highly recommended this trainer, Han Ming.
melanie tanmelanie tan
04:58 03 Apr 23
Before commenting about Move, I would like to share how working out changed my life - I'm that kind of person who wouldn't stand if I could sit; wouldn't sit if I could lay down. Being a physically inactive person and food lover, I started to feel annoyed few months back when I looked into myself in the mirror; I was irritated when there's any activities that need me to move around since I was lack of confidence to show myself publicly, I was very depressed with my physical appearance. Then, I stated to survey about fitness studio with personal trainer and I decided to go with Move (with 0 basic and knowledge about strength training). I've stated the training sessions with coach YY, he's chill and friendly yet strict on pushing you to break your limit to reach a new goal. I wouldn't be able to continue working out without him being so compassionate and helpful and encouraging; he would also customised the training program professionally based on my strength and weaknesses. Now, I am confident and willing to perform or talk in the public; I enjoyed the team building activities held by my company; I feel stronger and healthier within myself (much much more before I started the strength training).Once again - Thanks Move, thanks coach YY.One more point to emphasise, all the Move coaches are super friendly and cute! You will not feel shy or uncomfortable to workout for newbie like me!
Vivian TanVivian Tan
11:05 23 Mar 23
I've been with PT Han Ming for nearly 3 months now. It's been such a life changing experience! I'm doing things I never thought I could, but most importantly I'm feeling so much healthier. Han Ming is a great coach, better than others I've had in the past. He is attentive and tailors the programme to suit your needs. Whenever I have a problem or have stuff muscles he will help me relax the muscle. Han Ming is very knowledgeable and has taught me a lot about my own body. He is always learning and improving himself so that I'm always getting the most relevant information about my health. Thank you! My life will be considerably better from now 🙏🙏
YK TeeYK Tee
12:51 19 Feb 23
I have been working with my coach Ket for more than 6 months to reduce my body weight and strengthen my body. My coach is professional yet kind, patient and understanding to create interesting workouts that allowed me to improve my whole body strength, flexibility and balance. Personal training really gives me motivation to continue training, highly recommended.
Tan KCTan KC
14:36 09 Feb 23
started my 1st training about 3 months ago with my dedicated and knowledgeable coach, Han Ming at MOVE.Encouragements and professional guidance from him make me today...more healthy, improved body strength and more confidence!it is definately a pleasant fitness program coaching by him despite his embrave myself to achieve higher goals!my sincerest gratitude and acknowledgement to him...Han Ming!Thank you
Jie SiJie Si
14:59 04 Jan 23
Started my fitness journey 6 months ago with Coach Yi Yong. He's motivating and easy going. The training is not only focus on the workout technique but also includes our daily diet which really helps me to achieve the so-called healthy lifestyle. This centre is conducive and spacious which I really enjoyed every second here. Investing on health is always the best investment. 100% recommended.
Maha KulasimghamMaha Kulasimgham
23:46 09 Dec 22
I joined MOVE about 6 months ago, and currently I am fitter, stronger and more confident than ever before. All thanks to my incredible coach Khairul for his patience and support throughout my journey. He’s professional, knowledgeable and best of all, so fun to train with! Thank you coach, and thank you MOVE for everything. Lots of love! ♥️
I started my 3 months workout session with coach Khairul to strengthen muscles for my scoliosis. His effort for making me fit is amazing. He is very well educated with lots of things whenever I asked him anything to help my backbone. His sharing and knowledge helped me a lot. He is professional, patient, very friendly and understanding coach. Now I am very pleased with my progress and feel assured to continue to train with him again one day. He is the best. Thank You coach Kerolllll!
14:04 08 Sep 22
The gym is a great place to get in shape. The trainers are all very attentive and helpful, especially Min Han who has been coaching me since I started training with him last week! He's given me tips on how best utilize my time while still making sure that the exercises will bear fruit over long term success. Thank you
Yi kang LimYi kang Lim
04:47 26 Aug 22
I started my 3 months workout with coach Han Ming. He was such a very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable coach. I've learned a lot from him such as the correct way to do my workout, the knowledge of what I need to do to improve my workout, why we do and how it helps our muscles to grow. I enjoy working out with him because he always helps and gives me supports to achieve my goal. Other than that, I saw quite a lot of improvement in myself by following the knowledge and exercises taught by him.Overall, it was a good experience to have my first private fitness training at Move Private Fitness. It was a great place for private fitness training and I strongly recommend it to beginners with 0 knowledge of fitness to try out their program.

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